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Portrait Skin Smoothing & Retouching Super Quick & Easy

Portrait skin retouching super quick & easy!!!

Bring out the Best in Your Portraits with this wonderful automatic skin smoothing, healing and enhancing effect plugin.

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Symmetry of Life

I recently came upon this very enlightening & thought provoking video.  As a creative artist I found this fascinating, insightful & inspiring in the way I see things and will do into the future. I’d love to hear your feedback on this one … Enjoy! Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo.

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Good in-Camera Exposure – Expose to the Right!

Good in-camera exposure is essential to a great image and also cuts down on processing time & effort.   Here’s a little tip I learned early on in my photography journey that has helped me greatly using my histogram to guide me. “Expose to the right” is an expression that you may have heard before, but […]

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Coastlens : Famous Portrait Challenge

Greetings fellow Lensers … We’re delighted about how the year is unfolding so far and excited for the year ahead. Now that the school holidays are upon us it’s time for our first 2011 “challenge” … This term’s “Coastlens Photography Challenge” is to recreate a famous portrait. You might like to choose a famous photograph […]

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Changing Eye & Hair Colour in Photoshop

If you’re due for a new look, but don’t want to drop a pretty penny at the salon, check out this video tutorial on how to change eye and hair color for some dramatic portrait results using Photoshop. Creative photography editing

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Tips to help your model look their best

Help your model look their best (or help yourself look better in photos): If your model is balding, shoot from a lower angle to show less of their hair and don’t use a hair light at all. If your model has a larger nose then have them look straight at the camera and shoot from […]

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Natural Light Photography : Painting with the Sun

There’s something inherently special about using natural light for your photography.  I love the creamy skin tones & beautiful catchlights coupled with that natural glow. So how do you achieve great results using only natural light and how do you overcome the shortfalls & limitations of low light?  Learn these photography basics & creative photography […]

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How to Make a Dashing DIY Hand Strap

As soon as you get this hand strap onto your camera, your life will be one sweet song. Attractive strangers will ask for your number. Dollar bills will rain from the sky. And Queen Elizabeth will call you personally to sing you to sleep at night. Well not quite … but at least your camera […]

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Photo Sharing on Flickr

Flickr is an online digital photo sharing site, which has become a great place for professional photographers to showcase their work. If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s a step-by-step guide to uploading your digital photos on Flickr. (Note: This describes the basic steps to upload your pictures in Flickr, without using the uploader tools […]

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Wonderful Presentation!! Most people have to pay BIG $$$ to get this type of information!! If you’re setting up business or have done so already, sit back and let it soak in. To your successs … The Brand Gap View more documents from coolstuff. * The Brand Gap – Presentation Transcript 1. HOW TO BRIDGE […]

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